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Plason is a medical device for the exogenous preparation of nitric oxide (NO). Application of exogenous NO by various pathologies (wounds, trophic ulcers, diabetic foot, unhealing wounds, pyo-necrotic wounds) is the way to make healing easy. Nitric oxide disinfects open wounds from bacteria, viruses, mould. This way it starts the regeneration of tissue. NO is the strongest disinficator.

An important feature of NO-containing gas flow is the fact, that if it is possible to introduce exogenous NO to the desired spot of the human body, it shows the same properties as endogenous NO, which makes it´s usage very flexible for various pathologies.

Effects of Exogenous NO (Plason)

Plason készülék Sebek


The therapeutic effectiveness of the exogenous nitrogen oxide (NO) is based on the properties of the open at the end 20th century endogenous NO as polyfunctional physiological regulator (the Nobel Prize of medicine in 1998) and consists of the following:

Thus, by the prime advantage of the NO-therapy in contrast to of the majority of the physical and drug therapeutic the factors it appears action polyfunctional NO on all phases of united inflammatory- regenerative process, that also causes the high efficiency of treatment in different regions of medicine.

And finally important by the merit it appears the possibility the combination thermal effect on the cloth by air plasma with the subsequent NO-therapy. High-temperature air- plasma flows are directly used for the coagulation of wound surface with its simultaneous sterilization, and also hemo-, lympho-, aero- cholestasis, the destruction (evaporation) of new formations and large masses of the necrotized tissues, dissection. On the basis of that state aboved the universality (polyfunctional) of the method of NO-therapy in the treatment of the diverse diseases, at basis of which lie inflammatory, destructive, disregeneratory processes and vascular disfunction, is connected with polyfunctionality of the functions of the endogenous nitrogen oxide in the organism and its participation in pathogenesis and sanegeneze of different diseases.

In 2003 work "development and putting into medical practice of new therapeutic technologies and technical equipment on the basis of the use of air plasma and exogenous nitrogen oxide " is honored the reward of the government of the Russian Federation in the area of science and technology.

Plason is a portable device, as long as there is the possibility to connect it to the electricity, it could be used anywhere. Usage would include rescue services, ambulances, hospitals, clinics, medical centres.