Distributor Company:                Med-Essence Kft.

Address:                         1222 Budapest, Orkán u. 11.


Manufacturer Company:         LD Technology

Address:                         100 N. Biscayne blvd. #502

                                        33132 Florida, Miami



TM-Flow is a Medical Device Data System with the intended use of TBL-ABI Model C001, SweatC Model A001, and LD-Oxy Model D001.

·              Measurement of Ankle Brachial Indices for the screening of Peripheral Artery Disease. ​

·              Measurement of the Galvanic Skin response related to the sudomotor function.

·              Mathematical Analysis of the Photoplethysmography for assessing:

             . The Autonomic nervous system via Heart Rate Variability Analysis at rest and during the Ewing Tests.

             . The Endothelial function via the Photoplethysmography  (PTG) Analysis.

Clinical studies compared the accuracy of the TM-Flow:  

·        PTG Spectral Analysis Markers  to the:

- The gold standard of Insulin resistance assessment

- Hyperinsulinemic Euglycemic Clamp.

                        - Coronary angiography.

                        - Vascular blood tests ( CRP and fibrinogen)

·        Cardiometabolic Score to the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT).

·        Sudomotor markers to the:

                         - Small fiber Neuropathy Symptoms.

                         - Microvascular disease (retinopathy).


Vascular Function Assessment

Autonomic Nervous System Assessment